Distributors and Operators
Support for our Operators during the Lockdown

Support for our Operators during the Lockdown

The best way to get through any challenge is together, and we're here to help you.

We know just how difficult times have been during the COVID-19 outbreak and we’re here to share our expertise and assist you as much as possible to get up and trading again.

The Operator Tool Kit is a quick reference guide for you to refer to depending on which Alert Level your region is on and provides a checklist of actions that you may need to consider to trade safely and efficiently.

Over the next few weeks we will be providing and sharing our McCain Operator Toolkits for each Alert Level of the national lockdown, but as a starting point please download our Summary Guideline.

The Summary Guideline provides a high level view of the changing alert levels and how they may effect your operations, as well as certain aspects of your business that you should consider for the safety of your staff and customers.

CLICK HERE to download our Summary Guideline. 

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